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Unique Nuru Massage Treatment in London

Unique Slippery Nuru Massage in London

Technique of the receiving pats is sliding hand massage on the body, while forward motion is carried out rapidly and vigorously, and reverse movements are performed without effort. Before turning to a deep stroking, you need to stroking the surface.

Admission can be done with fists, palms, fingers, brush. Perhaps reception performance both one and two hands. When you receive a nuru massage therapist puts his hands on the partner's body, producing both hands sliding movement in the direction away from you. During the slippery nuru massage services the chest, shoulders and neck movements are directed downwards, and when massaging the abdomen,legs and back up.

During the nuru massage in London is very important to choose the method of stroking. The most suitable method for the considered slippery nuru massage is ironing. To perform ironing, you want to bend the fingers in the meta carpophalangeal joints at right angles. Rubbing Has a much more profound impact than stroking.